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Help needed, is this offer a scam?

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23 Mar 12 02:58:07 am
Hi folks, the other day in one page that i dont want to mention coz i dont want to get in trouble haha but is a very good one about freelance jobs, one person post this :


We are looking for a few productive eBay and Amazon sellers with outstanding accounts with good number of positive feedbacks to add to our team. We are here to look for reliable business relationship and will take good care for every new seller.

We need eBay and Amazon Sellers who have good feedback on eBay capable of listings our products to a market on eBay.com.

Need regular affiliates also. I pay high commissions ...

We also need Amazon seller accounts.

You could be earning $5 000 - $10 000 + a month. I will be expecting you to sell around 300 - 500 products a month.
And if you do well and I shall give you more products to sell and more commission...

Our Products are Brand New

-We accept sellers from any Country as long as they meet the following criteria.

Must meet the following:

-Make sure you provide me with your EBAY ID and Amazon Seller ID this is very important.
-Your eBay account must have Positive Feedbacks (REALLY IMPORTANT)
-Your eBay, Paypal and Amazon account must be more than one year old. (REALLY IMPORTANT)
-You must have a valid, working and completely unlimited verified Paypal account which has been used often for transactions (So payments don't get held). You must not have any sending or
receiving limits. (REALLY IMPORTANT)
-You must have bank account to receive payment from Amazon
-Your eBay account must have no selling limits
-You must be able to sell on Ebay US, Ebay UK and eBay Australia anywhere that Ebay sells you sell
-You should have the time in the day to answer customer questions, list items and create sales reports. We will help you answer some questions which you can't answer
-You must speak fluent English.
-You should be experienced in selling; I will provide listing descriptions, images etc.; I will answer your questions but you must be able to follow simple directions and think for yourself.
-Feedback must be above 98%

If you meet all the requirements above please contact us and provide your EBAY ID or Amazon Seller ID
I have worked with many Sellers on Ebay. I have made many sellers into Top Rated powersellers on ebay.

Well i contact him and start the process, he send me the first item to sell with images( with watermark with my ebay name ) and info.
Was ray-ban sunglasses , and well i couldnt reach the list because eBay dont let me do ( some kind of limits when they say :We're always looking for ways to make eBay a safer place to buy and sell. As part of this effort, we limit how many of these items you can sell in one listing.
You need to reduce the number of items you're offering before submitting this listing. )
i SAID CRAAP :P!!! but then thinking better, maybe this is a new way to scam from them ? whitout providing website, only the items ? in fact the 30% of each item i have to win and i have to be paid weekly, at least that was the terms. and then i was thinking, and what if i sell one item i send the money to him and the buyer never receive nothing ? i lose money, time, and the most important feedback and trust.

What do you think people ? sorry for make it that long haha :).

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23 Mar 12 03:24:25 am
There is no way of knowing if it's a scam or not of course, but I have to say that it lend itself to being a scam quite well. That said, the arrangement they they are asking for is essentially a Drop Shipping arrangement, they are asking for far more detail than your average Drop Shipper and the fact that they are doing this outside of their website certainly raises my level of concern.

The fact that the product they sent you were Ray Ban indicates to me that the products may in fact be non-genuine. It's a great brand name to sell, but is very well duplicated with plenty of fake RB's in the market.

Really, with drop shipping at any time, you are the one taking the risk. It's your account that you sell through, it's you the that any unhappy customers go after, not your drop ship supplier, and the fact that these guys operate behind closed doors, I think takes the usual problems areas for drop shipping products and elevates them to a whole new level!

On all that you have posted here in regards to the opportunity, it's not one I would recommend doing.

Mark (fudjj)

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23 Mar 12 04:14:31 am
Hi okater,

The thing is, this person will not even send you any tangible product to sell. You are asked to list it at eBay or Amazon and once sold you get your "commission". That is, after you send them the cash. There are several ways you can get hurt in this set up. The items may be fake and you are left to deal with eBay and angry customers. Or that there are no items at all, and you with your eBay account will be left in limbo. Or worse, he will ask for your eBay and PayPal log on details, and will scam people in your name for eternity. With Marc I also declare that this is not something we recommend that you get into.

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23 Mar 12 04:31:12 am
Thanks fudjj and Irene for the quick response, and yes i leave myself guide for the offer as an emotional person hahaha, thanks god i think twice and the fact that i couldn't post it was a "SIGN" saying DONT DO IT :P.

Well good to post this here for the new//old members to know this cases , and dont follow them :) .

Thanks a lot

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23 Mar 12 04:50:34 am
Hi okater,

eBay does impose limits to help ensure a safe experience for all eBay customers, so this is not in any way related to the supplier you plan to use. :) Limits are placed on eBay members/sellers' accounts or on certain items and categories (usually brand name products) until eBay is able to confirm certain information, or until the seller has established a positive selling history. Learn more about this policy from eBay at Link hidden: Login to view

And to learn more about the basics of eBay selling, kindly click on the Education link from above and you will see all the information/resources we have gathered to help you in your first steps as a seller.

And we are also here to assist you, so just post any issues you need help with :)

Take care.


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