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Hotbuy4u.com - a potentional supplier to work with

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24 Jul 06 04:15:17 pm

These suppliers offer many several different items' naming few digital cameras and DVD players.

I have saved you the time and effort and done my research.

1) They look very secure.

2) Take payments such as Paypal.

3) They even drop-ship

4) Prices are fair to make profit

5) Well organised web site

I myself am currently busy with dhgate.com and megagoods.com ' but i though i share this 1 too and if any 1 makes a move tell us your story.

I hope i been helpful.

kind regards

Mr Sharaaz

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25 Jul 06 12:51:24 pm

Yes HotBuy4You offer several different items and till now we do not have any Negative Feedback from SaleHoo Customers but be sure that you safe payment method to avoid any dispute.

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25 Oct 06 04:32:51 pm
hi i bought from hot buy4u all items arrived as promised

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26 Oct 06 12:40:13 am
I've placed 2 orders so for with hotbuy4u and so far very pleased. Everything was as advertised and you can call them with any questions. First order was for 100.00 and I used PayPay, Second order 1600.00 with CC.


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30 Oct 06 05:28:02 pm
hmmm will have to look into this company for myself also

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30 Jan 08 04:12:44 pm
I use then since a year with out problem

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30 Jan 08 07:24:14 pm
We have been using them for about 6 months now and not 1 single problem. They have great customer service and anytime I need to return something they offer me company credit or a refund. The best dropshipper I have used!


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