How does this invoice look?

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1 Mar 11 02:07:51 pm
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Hi everyone,

I have recently started a business of buying stocks from Europe and reselling them.

there is a stock seller in UK who I found on the UK forum.

His website looked legit.. so I was going to try his stocks.

However, few days ago, I found him getting in trouble in the forum. Some forum members accused him for selling fakes..(accusers didnt actually purchase anything from this seller, they just saw pictures)

So I asked him if he was selling fakes.. he said no and provided me with that sample photo of invoice.

On the invoice, it says 100% authentic. Does that mean I could have some sort of liability against him? when the items are found to be fakes?

or that means nothing? and I cant do anything?

please give me some advises..

thanks !!

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2 Mar 11 02:30:06 am
Hi Chris_L,

Their website was created just February of this year 2011 Link hidden: Login to view . There is no way for us, this soon, to check on any feedback from customers who have purchased, and I guess not a strong sign for you to invest in them, at this point.

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day!


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2 Mar 11 08:49:06 pm
the proof of authentication isn't worth the price of the paper it is written on. If you are talking branded products, you would need authentication from the actual brand owner, which a legit supplier will be able to supply you.

When it comes to surplus it can be harder to quantify authentication, but most legit suppliers will still be able to produce a legal document from their own legal representation for authentication.

Mark (fudjj)

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2 Mar 11 09:18:28 pm
Marc's right about the supplier proving a proof of authentication, any legit supplier will have no difficulty in providing you one.

I know you contacted the seller, but sometimes their word is would not be worth as much as proper documentation :) Unless of course you know him and have dealt with him previously.

Cheers :)


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