How to deal with opposite and faked reviews?

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5 Aug 13 04:40:43 pm
Hi everyone,

like anyone when you search for suppliers, you want to read about his reputation online. This includes first if he is a scam or not. I think that is the easiest part. It is offen enough to search in trusted directories such as or others, searching his website and you will soon get the answer.

But the big problem is to read many confusing reviews about the suppliers and trying to get the right big picture.

Example-1: salehoo reviews: 21 with the score 2 from 5 resellerratings reviews: 5046 with 8,86 from 10 trustpilot reviews: 1449 with 8,6 from 10 reviews: 22 with 4,41 from 5

Example-2: salehoo reviews: 28 with the score 4 from 5 resellerratings reviews: 4495 with 8,5 from 10 trustpilot reviews: 3 with 6 from 10 reviews: 35 with 4,14 from 5

The first Question:
So the question is: how to understand and deal with the opposite reviews
(21 with the score 2 from 5) vs. (22 with 4,41 from 5) ?

The second Question:
How far is it possible for these suppliers (and other ones) to fake both the reviews in these rating websites and offcourse on their website?

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8 Aug 13 04:52:13 am
Hello qwertz,

Sorry but there is no way for us to verify the reviews you find on other sites. As for the reviews found on SaleHoo, I can assure you confidently that none of these are fake or made by the supplier themselves.

All supplier reviews/ratings that are found in our directory on the supplier's profile page are submitted by our members (only) and reviewed by us staff before it goes live on the supplier's profile.

Hope this clarifies the quality of reviews you see on our site :)



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