How to deal with such sellers/clients?

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27 Nov 13 07:11:07 am
Hello everyone
in my last 6 years career i came up with one of the crapest seller i ever had. He sold our product on amazon and we shipped all of those product. Later he says that his client wanted a bigger size as per his description but our deal was for one of the particular size we gave him but he said its okie that we should send the product to his buyer.

Later we came to know that that he has been misguiding and miselling the product on amazon and misguiding a buyer, also using some other brands in the tittle and description.

Now after making such 8 sales with us he is asking for full 8 prosecutes refund for which we were paid from him and he opened up the dispute with paypal. As you all know paypal never favor the recipient of the payment but the sender. No matter we call paypal directly or mail them. They simply pass on cases in buyer's favor.

Now its very difficult to face or deal with such clients, Pls such how should we deal with such crap sellers who work in drop shipping model with us or any other companies. Ofocurse we didn't take any deposits from the seller(i make a seller more comfortable). My product is hot which i am selling in the market and has very good demand.

Pls advice me on this guys.

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27 Nov 13 08:34:50 pm
That's a really unusual one.

About the only thing I can suggest is that if you have evidence of the item being falsely advertised by the seller, then submit that to PayPal. I've dealt with PayPal on quite a few occasions and despite what a lot of people think, if you've got evidence in any dispute that supports your case, they will look at it and carefully consider it in making a final determination.

Either way, it's much better to be proactive with them. Don't wait for them to come to you asking for your side, get in touch with them and be as willing as possible to state your case. I suggest by phone first, get your story on record and then submit your evidence in support of your case. Getting your side on the record asap means that the inspector has all the facts early on and they will clearly see that you are working with them and not trying to hide, which can only be helpful for you.

Good luck with it

Mark (fudjj)

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