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9 Nov 07 11:51:41 am
Hi everyone. I'm trying to get to know a bit more about Google Adsense, on my website, to generate advertising revenue.
What is the ratio of hits to adsense click through rates? I have heard its approximately 2-3%, is this accurate?
Also what is roughly the amount earned per click, I have heard its about $1, is this correct?
I would appreciate all replies and discussion, thank you.

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9 Nov 07 12:46:03 pm
I believe the amount earned all depends on what you have on your website and what the advertisements are.

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10 Nov 07 12:53:26 am
Have a look at Link hidden: Login to view

This is Joel Comm's AdSense forum. Comm is one of the recognised experts on AdSense out there and a lot of useful discussion goes on.


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23 Nov 07 08:25:06 am
I use them too to make money off it where its applicable.

You just have to be careful with Adsense.

And be careful with business!!!

Think like Microsoft does is how I put it....

Sometimes you need to lose a little CAPITAL in order to make back huge profits. Not much, but a little. A loss is okay sometimes but not always.....

And then when you do make back that profit, DOUBLE IT OVER to make even more profit or successfully setup a income stream that will bring you income all the time whatever you're doing.

Yeah, I guess you could setup a second store somewhere. The point is have it be on a FREE website, apply the rules. Then send the traffic by the truckloads to both of them!

And always increase your feedback score to about 10 depending on the auction/sales site.


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