Inside secrets to Apple supplying source

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11 Oct 09 03:49:50 am
I was browsing through the web the other day and found below article.
I have copied a couple of paragraphs and posted it here.

Everyone knows Apple is currently the hottest brand on the market, and everyone is trying to buy them at a steep discount. Well here is the reality and these are the facts,
Most supplier offer Apple products on Tradekey and Alibaba are fakes
Apple require any reseller to meet their minimum requirements which is $ 100,000 in annual sales.
Apple only offer 5%-8% discount off of their retail price, even if anyone is lucky enough to qualify to be their reseller.

So how come the price for Apple prodcuts on Ebay are so low? Where do these seller get their stuff? Here are some true and honest answers, some buyers get their merchandise from countries that has a free duty port, Hong Kong for example is known for their duty free trade and the price difference can be quite significant for certain items. There are other suppliers and brokers who buys bulk at a great discounts and then sell it through their differnt distribution channel. There are also some Apple authorized resellers that sells to other resellers just to fulfill their quota with Apple.

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11 Oct 09 09:51:17 am
Hi yiqunlin,

Thank you for sharing this helpful post! Apple products have always been sought after by consumers and in turn, by suppliers to fulfill consumer demands. We have received several supplier search requests for this product and this has been a topic of several forum posts already.

Hope this will clear things up. Looking forward to hearing more from you here.


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16 Oct 09 12:02:52 am
yiqunlin's post should be set in stone and permanently affixed to the home page of Salehoo. It seems every newbie and his wife is dreaming of selling Apple Ipods and Iphones by finding some mystery supplier who will sell them for a few dollars and who will dropship these products one at a time.

Difficult I can do right away. Impossible takes a little longer


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