iOffer fee is more expensive than eBay now!

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16 Jun 09 02:22:13 pm
I am also selling on iOffer for sometime and on June 1st they have doubled up their fee and thus is more expensive than eBay now. I believe there are many of us here who also selling on eBay and DO NOT KNOW about this matter yet. Below is the new fee structure they imposed :

Effective June 1st 2009
Transaction Amount (with shipping) Final Value Fee (FVF)
Up to $4.99 $1.00
$5.00 to $9.99 $1.50
$10.00 to $24.99 $2.50
$25.00-$99.99 10% of the final sale price
$100.00-$1499.99 $10.00 + 5.0% of the final sale price over $100.00
$1500.00 and over $80.00 + 3% of the final sale price over $1500.00

Wholesale Lists, Catalogs, Product Information
We have added a category for Business & Commercial use. This category has been designed for suppliers. A minimum final value fee (FVF) of $7.50 per transaction will apply to all items sold in this category.
An additional $7.50 added per transaction
Aircrafts, Boats, Cars & Trucks FREE
Real Estate FREE
Swaps (or trades) $1.00 (flat fee for both swappers)

As you all can see , there's a new tyrant in the making here and below is the comment that I'VE sent to iOffer :

Dear iOffer ,

iOffer has recently increased your fee without any news in the announcement area and as a seller here I think this increase is ridiculous and it's more expensive than eBay now. I'm a member of SaleHoo and it's from SaleHoo forum that I decided to use iOffer as one of my platform for selling because mainly discussed by over 50,000 members of SaleHoo is about how fair and cheap your final fee values but NOW iOffer is more expensive and unfair to sellers here .

I will have to raise up this issue on SaleHoo's forum ( Thousands of us the sellers in SaleHoo are selling in iOffer and many are not aware of this increase yet ).

Especially for sellers where we sell low price products (below USD5) ARE BADLY EFFECTED .For example, I'm selling eBooks at mostly USD1OR EVEN USD2.After minus out your final value fee I leave with a negative or half of my revenue GONE TO YOU ( NOT INCLUDING OTHER FEES LIKE PAYPAL YET)

iOffer is more expensive when :

1) The fee for Selling a USD1.00 item on eBay -

Fixed Listing for 1 month = USD0.35
Final Fee = USD0.12
Cost on ebay = USD0.47

If assuming ONLY 1 Sale ( Very unlikely only 1 sale here in ebay, normally 10 - 20 sales a month) the total cost is USD 0.47. With 1 sale on iOffer, you is already ripped off our cost and profit and we still lose $$ on PayPal fee.

2) Selling A product cost USD180.00 on eBay

Fixed Listing for 1 month = USD0.35
PayPal Fee = USD13.80
Cost on eBay = USD14.15

On iOffer when you sold an item cost at USD180.00 the final fee is already USD14.00. Buyer in eBay are mostly genuine and pay up while up to 90% buyers in iOffer will not pay. iOffer are charging fees upfront that ended up being refunded and earns you nothing in fee .

The main reason many sellers use iOffer because it's a very GOOD ALTERNATIVE to eBay because many sellers including me thinks that iOffer's fee was FAIR N SQUARE
but now iOffer came out with the revise fee structure which is not FAIR . I will have to forum this matter in SaleHoo in a short while and discuss with other sellers about this matter !

I would rather ask my buyers to CANCEL ALL THEIR PURCHASE FROM JUNE 1ST RATHER THAN PAYING SUCH FEE IMPOSED BY IOFFER, unless iOffer be considerate to make changes in this area. I hope iOffer realised and understand that sales hit rates in iOffer is low with a lots of NON PAYING CUSTOMER (as high as 90% MOST of the time) while the same matter on ebay is only 10% non paying customer which normally got suspended by eBay for their non paying rating. iOffer is not on par standard with eBay so charging higher fees on sold item is suicidal and iOffer will stand to lose out BIG TIME! 1,000s of sellers will bring their business elsewhere or go back more seriously on ebay AGAIN ( like me ) since eBay is the EASIEST PLACE TO GET AN ORDER ON EARTH !!! BUT NOT YET FOR IOFFER.

In fact , I have just closed my store on eBay in late May 2009 in order to seriously doing it BIG on iOffer but with the new fee structure may force me to starts back my eBay store again ( now still less than 30 days ). By the way , my former eBay store name is HANDSOMEDEALS, the same name that I USE for my iOffer store ! That's how big is my confident on iOffer UNTIL this new fee structure being put in force by iOffer in a SECRETIVE MANNER .

I like iOffer and I hope iOffer can seriously make an amendment to the new impose fee or stands to lose sellers like me which are making 10 times more sales in website like eBay using varieties of feature that eBay can offer .As I mentioned , I rather ask my buyer to cancel rather than paying an expensive fee or doing an unprofitable business . Alternative sites like, could be very popular suddenly and take your place as a leader for buying & selling sites after the master eBay just because they have a way cheaper final fees.

Your Sincerely


For those of you seriously doing your selling on iOffer, please provide your feedback so we all can be united and face this matter !

Thanks !!

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21 Jun 09 01:51:18 pm
Was thinking about it but not now....Thanks


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