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7 Jul 08 06:41:51 am
Hi everyone,

Well I somehow found a guy in the Harrow, UK area and he seems to be quite a descent businessman. They dont have a website but I was wondering if anyone has heard of them.

His name is Richard Arkson.

They are located on:


There phone numbers are any one of the following:


Now speaking to them for a few days I have found out a bit about them:

(Registered No.02106100)

So to get to the point. I am wondering if anyone is around the area or near by that could check the place out or even make a few calls to see what we come up with. if the business is legit or not.

I have made the mistake of sending $400 USD for an 8GB iphone. Now after sending the payment all went well until the seller said to me that he was informed by his boss about a policy change and that the MOQ is now 5 units. And he asked me to send the remainder of the balance before he would send anything.

If anyone could help. Maybe if someone is close by and would like to help a friend it would be amazing. Contact me please if anyone can help.

I also have there email addresses in which I contact them (yes i know, not the professional and may be a scam):

Link hidden: Login to view
Link hidden: Login to view

But please if anyone has any information and would like to help it would be great...


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12 Jul 08 10:56:38 pm
youve been ripped off,dont send anymore money because your getting no product or your money back..and if it was a genuine business richard wouldnt have a hotmail email account

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13 Jul 08 05:36:54 pm
hi there yes ..... GUARANTEED SCAM! .its happened to me ... its the normal way of you to send more money with the policy change ... you wont see your money again or another item for that matter... trust me!


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