Ipodwarehouse-- Do they actually do anything?

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21 Jun 06 10:34:04 am
I've been in this business only a few months,in saying business i mean Importing my own goods to sell...Now..I cam eacross Ipodwarehouse and in fact they were one of the first wholesale sites i looked at.They looked very impressive,and after research and a chat with Salehoo reps i chose to place an order.

So my order was placed and i awaited my confirmation email..after a few days no confirmation.Strange i thought! Bearing in mind they dont do online payments,i wondered how i was going to pay.

After a browse on their website i noticed i should be sent a Proforma transaction email of some sort,which in hand of that i had to phone Ipodwarehouse and quote transaction number and take it from there.So i waited and waited....no email at all.

So i decide to contact them,via phone.I asked them about my order,i was told 'Oh we were just in the process of emailing you',sounded genuine! I had a good chat with the rep on the phone,very nice guy,anyway i was told the item in question would be cheaper if i waited a few more days,and i was told they wuld call me let me know the situation.So in turn i said 'Yer lets wait then'.End of convo!

A week or so passed,at this time no email nor call.Bearing in mind , waiting around with cash but no goods is not bringing in any income!I wanted a quick fluent deal,just like i had been used to!

I decided to place an order ,again online on stock which was advertised as having plenty of stock on hand...

Yet again,no email nor call,its getting past a joke now...Let me add i had sent around 6 emails myself but NEVER got one acknowledegement or reply.

I decided another call was needed,yet again i was told 'We were just about to contact you', it thought yer ive heard that before.I asked what happened to my orders,they were being processed as far as i knew.I was told that stock would be available by end of June,fair enough.I was then told i would get a call in the week to make payment i presume,and confirm address etc.Now to this day i have had no phone call nor email concerning any of my orders.

I find this very poor service,i'm sure most would agree,and i'm sure i aint the only one to be dragged along.

I would like to hear other experiences on Ipodwarehouse,i'm sure they are genuine,but is it a case of they have their foundation and bulk buyers and they dont give two monkeys about potential new Buyers?

Look forward to any reply!!

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21 Jun 06 05:00:59 pm
I placed an order with them on the xbox360 a while ago like close to two month. they say I should recieve it by 6/16/06, but have not yet recieve it. I will do a charge back on my credit card.

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21 Jun 06 11:51:13 pm
I had the exact same experience. I ordered Ipods over a month ago. No emails, nice lady on the phone and very helpful, but no merchandise and they did not charge my credit card. The only difference is she called me and said my order is being processed. Yeah right. The merchandise will drop in price by the time it gets to me. The company is a joke.

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23 Jun 06 11:38:16 am
You think , i can buy or not?


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27 Jun 06 09:38:35 pm
If it were me, I wouldn't order. I wouldn't wait two months for my merchandise, that's ridiculous! :)

Just my opinion. What do they do with your money for two months??

Ugh, frustrating. :oops:


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