Is a reliable company?

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5 Jul 11 12:22:56 am
hi i have had an email from a company called 4-buy
anyone know anything about them?? i just want to order for personal shopping not to resell, but do they ship the products?? or is it a take your money and run company??



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5 Jul 11 12:55:58 am
Hi Georgie,

Sorry but Link hidden: Login to view is a China based retail store selling branded goods, such as Quicksilver, Nike, Levi's and Tiffany, among others. China is undeniably a strong source for low cost wholesale goods where resellers can create a good profit margin from, however with a lot of stories about getting fake branded goods from China, this country is not a reliable source for genuine items.

Here are some points buyers need to look for in a good supplier:

1. Contact details - the supplier should have a physical address and a landline number published on the website, not just a mobile number that can be turned off. There should also be a domain based email address, not the free gmail or yahoo ones. Obviously the idea is to be able to track down the location to be able to verify and to have assurance that the buyer will have someone to point to the authorities when a million dollar deal goes bust.

2. Number of years present on the net. This can be checked via Link hidden: Login to view Basically the longer a business has been operating, the more trustworthy it is perceived. Two years and above can be a safe standard.

3. Payment methods - there must be safer way to pay than Western Union. Paypal and credit cards provide a chance for buyers to file for a dispute / charge back should any issue come up. And that would be a lot better than being helpless with a cash sent through Western Union.

The payment method accepts is not safe, they allow payments thru Western Union and Money Gram. :(

Let us know if you need help searching for suppliers. :)



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