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is DHgate escrow account trustful ?

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27 Jul 09 07:29:04 am
i'm going to make an order around 45k $ in dhgate and i am sure about the seler but i am wondering if the escrow payment of dhgate is trustful or not?
would you help me please or share some experience?

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27 Jul 09 07:46:07 am
Before anything, I know you say that you are OK with the seller, but are you 100% sure.

That's a whole lot cash you are about to invest and I would hate to see you spend it on fakes. Is it safe to assume that you are buying
off-branded items?

I've never personally heard anything about their escrow service, good or bad.

Mark (fudjj)

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27 Jul 09 02:51:25 pm
YEAH i'm 100% sure , but i want to be sure about the escrow service? any experience god or bad

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28 Jul 09 03:14:10 am
Escrow.com: A safe third party option that holds money in a ?trust? account until the buyer receives the goods. Once goods have been cleared by the buyer the money is released to the seller. Note that you should only use Escrow.com and no other services advertising as 'escrow'.

But like fudjj, I haven't had any experience with escrow to say if they are good or bad. You could try visiting Link hidden: Login to view to learn a little more about it, prior to taking the plunge. $45K is a really big amount to begin with.

Hey guys, anybody out there who's had any first hand experience with escrow? Please lend us a hand here. It'll be highly appreciated :)



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