Is DHgate seller feedback reliable?

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14 Jul 09 02:09:53 pm
I'm looking at a few things and some have very good seller feedback. Is this reliable for resource info?


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14 Jul 09 05:32:48 pm
Depends on the seller. But I gave it a shot once and in my case I had to hussle hard to get my money back. Because the item was not in stock. After mailing back and forth I recieve my cash back, thanks to paypal....But I had better luck with another Chinese supplier, not all good, but at least I had the Items minus one at my doorsteps...good luck

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14 Jul 09 11:04:59 pm
That's true it would all depend on the seller (and maybe even on how straight forward a buyer is when giving feedback). But there are plenty of great suppliers on DH Gate, you'll just have to do a little research of your own, to increase your chances of buying from the good ones.

If you remain unsure of a certain supplier, just do a small sample purchase to begin with. If all goes well then you can proceed buying more from that supplier.

Again here's something that will help you when buying from Asian suppliers:

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I hope you do find great deals! Good luck... cheers:)


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14 Jul 09 11:26:17 pm
I read a post not long ago about a member that posted a buying lead, specifically mentioning that the seller had to offer an escrow service for payment.

Now he was chasing branded items, and of course got no response because the suppliers and the scammers didn't want to waste their time with him.

I think the same tactic would work great for finding genuine suppliers of the type of products you are chasing. If the scammers know that you are not going to be an easy target, they'll shuffle off to fry easier fish.

What you should be left with is some genuine suppliers who have enough confidence in their product to offer you the escrow option.

Maybe not 100% fail safe, but not a bad option to get yourself on the page with I think.

Mark (fudjj)

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