Is SellerKey a Scam Site?????

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10 Jul 07 11:03:32 pm
Emergency!!! I just ordered a PSP pack from Link hidden: Login to view and when i try to reach the site today the site does not work anynmore!!! help me please, I can't even contact them, they only offer msn help, and none of them are online. I have customers waiting and i think SellerKey took my 363 dollars. HELP. maybe the website is down for today but it worries me so much.


Sam Seo :twisted: :twisted:

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12 Jul 07 08:12:21 pm
No worries... I ordered many things from them. Read their items description VERY carefully though. Most of their stuff is fake. If it is, it will say but only once... in the corner. I did take a while for me to get my things. I ordered 3 nintendo Wii's and it took about 2-3 weeks for them to arrive. But they did... and they sold... and I got positive feedback on ebay. No worries. They will come.

BTW - I also ordered the PSP/300 games. Arrived just fine.

Good Luck!

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15 Jul 07 08:49:07 pm
It states the wii's are the japanese version, how did you sell them?



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