is legit

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19 Jun 07 06:07:43 am
is it legit have soneone bought from them

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19 Jun 07 10:31:22 am
My name is Stardustwholesale Aka Falina Spires I ordered two 12 pack (pieces) Of their IPODS Replica Mp3 players Blue alloy and Black 2gs & sold them all over online, Before I realized you are not really allowed too I had sold 23 of them and 22 came back aftter mailing out & I had to refund all of my customers...It was a nightmare Chinzll of seller key gave me my money back for most of the Ipods Blue alloy & black one 2g's but not ALL I STILL HAVE A BROKEN ONE..want to it was like pulling teeth from a man with only two teeth, He kept saying they were going to send me new ones and after having 23 out of 24 of them not work properly and freeze up and the battery flash & act all crazy and then work and then not work etcc...I was like I think not and he kept saying oooh nooo we replace under warranty yayaayaya whatever...I fought tooth & nail & had to threaten a bit...I paid with credit card thank goodness...they are legit but beware of faulty electronics and always pay with a credit card as backup...I spent so much time and money and it was near christmas and it sucked as everyone had bought these pieces of junk off me...which I had purchased off sellerkey and I felt bad for all my customers who were relentless & bitter due to me selling them seller keys faulty Ipods to them at Christmas...
Good Luck

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19 Jun 07 06:51:14 pm
This is just another site that is very hard to find legit sellers.

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23 Jun 07 06:23:55 pm
Sellerkey is legit. The prices are waaaay to high though.


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