Is a legitimate wholsale site?

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6 Jul 06 10:52:59 pm
Wondering if this Link hidden: Login to view is a legitimate wholesale company. Has anyone out there used or heard of them before?? Thanks

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7 Jul 06 03:34:22 am
that's pretty stupid that they charge you to join them. i know salehoo does, but they have tons of different items. this company only has video game stuff.

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7 Jul 06 02:47:11 pm
Their prices seem unbelievably cheap, so that makes me skeptical. I also see that the 'joining fee' is non-refundable, which is a huge red flag in my opinion.

I never would have paid for Salehoo were it not for the money-back guarantee. Turns out it was the best investment I've made but something tells me the site you're talking about would not be.

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13 Jul 06 10:54:23 pm
i joined this site nothing i didny already know
the 190 games they say they have are bootlegs dont waste your money

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29 Jul 06 12:27:40 am
Im wit Kdevarney, cheap join in fee, but product was pretty desapointing, alot of old stuff, took me a good 2 hrs to realize that i wasn't going to use them at all.

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30 Jul 06 11:16:52 pm
My most educated guess is that they are selling used games at those prices. I was looking into video game distributors and there are links on xbox's official microsoft page. They were very upfront about wholesale prices for new games. For games that sell 50 dollars retail the wholesale price is somewhere between 41-43 dollars. Video games are about selling in volume. That is why you never ever see a store that sells new games and consoles only. Every store is either a large retailer(walmart, target, bestbuy) or a small store that sells used games as well. Those stores make most of their money from the used games.

So if a site offers really low prices on newer games, they are either stolen, bootleg, or in a really used condition.


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