Just started CocoMamas.com from DropshipDesign.com

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5 Mar 07 04:18:12 am
Hi everyone,

I just started this site from dropshipdesign.com, and just wanted to let people know that I have already generated some sales. Dropshipdesign is not as bad as everyone thought it was.

Please check out the site and let me know what you think!!


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5 Mar 07 07:15:05 am
Hmmm is this site legitimate?

It looks very similar to Link hidden: Login to view except with a few parts of the layout switched around......

I would not pay a membership to dropshipdesign.

It just seems to be a waste. You can build anything you want in your own store for free, thats what I did.

Or just pay someone 24 bucks and have them set it all up for you. I am unsure of what to think of dropshipdesign at this time...

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31 Jul 07 02:03:50 am
Good for you. Stay away from dropshipdesign. I have nothing good to say with them.

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19 Jun 14 11:37:07 pm
Dear bayericlowe,

I tried to log onto Link hidden: Login to view and it did not find this webpage. It gave me an error that this website doesn't not exist.


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20 Jun 14 12:00:03 am
Hi Erin,

The address you are referring to is in a post made back in 2007, so the chances are that it does no longer exist.

Mark (fudjj)

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