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10 Oct 07 09:32:49 pm
Nearly every thread on here is people asking if 'this' site is legit. Can we use this thread for people to list any sites they have acutally found to be reliable?

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11 Oct 07 02:22:03 pm
this is quite a good post.

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13 Oct 07 09:15:30 am
The ones that are reliable:


And so on.....Just check Salehoo's official staff reviews for ones that are 'RELIABLE' on a most reliable basis. That's how I knew how to do things right I followed the reviews.

You wouldn't trust anything that just seemed to pop out of nowhere, has a funny name to it and no reviews would you?

Neither would I!!!! Through such questions, I've had great success with DHGate, Chinavasion and elsewhere in selling legitimate products to consumers & building up something to last.

But, I've also seen many scams and lies. By being smart I correctly never gave out my money or personal information for those scams. I reported them and got most of those scams shut down. In the longrun however, reviews tell alot.

They just aren't the whole story. You are going to have to talk to people, interview them, know your suppliers like you know yourself. Then you'll be fine.

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17 Oct 07 05:03:44 am

This sight offers designer watches from 60-90% off MSRP. Avoid Rockawear and you can make a decent profit.


This sight is alright. I'd suggest filling out the reseller application then you can make some decent money. They aren't reliable however with keeping products in stock.

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17 Oct 07 08:02:06 am
Yes using the review system is best, I will not recommend a thread for people listing sites in this manner. We have alot of good members here but there are scammers here as well looking for the opportunity to scam someone when my back is turned.

A thread like this only invites doom to one poor souls income.

You can use the review system in place to find great suppliers. You can also ask for opinions from salehoo staff and members.

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