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28 Sep 10 11:49:48 am
I have been reading quite a bite on the forums and have come up with mixed conclusion whether to deal with or not. My head is ready to explode at this point.

Any hoot. I was at their site trying to find my answer whether I can personally pick up a winning auction or does it have to be shipped by a courier. (I haven't bid on anything yet). On the left panel tab, it shows 'Asset Location' and the city and state. I am assuming that is where the merchandises are being auctioned at? Since some auctions allow you to arrange your own shipping method, can I go there personally to pick up the goods?

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28 Sep 10 10:57:23 pm
Hi duceduc, is pretty much like a directory - they have a great mix of suppliers, some good others not so good. This site is also considered by a number of sellers to be a good source of inventory provided you find a reliable supplier.

But they have been known for the exorbitant shipping fees. As commonly suggested if you are located reasonably near the supplier ask if you can just pick-up your order yourself. Most suppliers will let you do local pick-ups. To arrange your shipping preference it is best to get in touch with the supplier/seller.

Tip: Get to know the seller/supplier your are buying from - do as much research as you can before actually buying from them.

Hope this helps.

PS - There are a number of posts on our forum about and I suggest reading them, you can find them by using our 'search the forum tab (on the upper left corner)


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28 Sep 10 11:18:03 pm
Hi duceduc,

Try sending a message to TitanLiquidation. They have been sellers with for several years and they are willing to share the ins and outs with that company. :) has been around for over 15 years. They accept safe payment methods like credit cards and PayPal. However, you need to keep in mind that each seller within is independent and it helps to learn as much as you can about the seller before you bid. Nevertheless, this site has been serving numerous sellers in sourcing their stock. You just need to do research and be extra cautious.

As Richelle has mentioned, a striking impression about them across the forum is their insane shipping fees. You can definitely save on this cost by picking up your order.

Hope this helps. :)



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