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Liquidation.com Am I missing something???

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5 Apr 09 02:26:01 pm
I have been a member of Liquidation.com for a few years now and I can not figure out a few things. Every time I find a lot that I am interested in I do my homework and figure out what the items would sell for and what I am willing to buy them for and then I watch people fly past that dollar amount that I figured. At the price people pay for most of the stuff there they could not possibly sell them on e-bay and make any sort of profit. What am I missing???? Are they selling items elsewhere?? Also I have tried to buy some of their so called returns and wow 95% of the items were unusable no less unsellable. The items sometimes were not the same as listed in manifest. What am I missing with this site????

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5 Apr 09 05:35:33 pm
Manny go to Google and type in ' liquidation.com scam' . This will answer your question.

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5 Apr 09 05:49:00 pm
Wow yeah I guess that answered my question. The first time I ever bought anything from them was a few years ago I bought a lot of what I thought was genuine razors and all was going good until someone pointed out to me and all my customers that they were in fact fake. Well after threatening to contact the FBI I was refunded. Then just recently I bought what I was told was returned computer memory and when I got them nothing I received was as listed on manifest. Oh well guess I'll look somewhere else. Thanks

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5 Apr 09 09:06:18 pm
The biggest trouble with a site like liquidation.com is that you are dealing with individual sellers, and just as in any marketplace, there will be good and bad ones.

The site is well known as a dumping ground for cherry picked loads. That is when someone has purchased a large volume of stock from a liquidation source, and I mean a real liquidation source, not a site such as we are talking about here, and they then break that load down into smaller lots and throw them onto liquidation.com.

What happens is that before the smaller lots are advertised for auction, they are cleaned out of all the valuable items by the seller, then those items are sold elsewhere to cover the initial cost of the load and what ever the lesser products win at auction can be pure profit.

Not everyone does that, but a lot do, and if you are one of the unlucky ones buying one of their lots then you can end up with very little more than simple garbage.

I would never suggest anyone buy liquidated stock at auction if you want a regular supply. Deal with a liquidator or agent for you stock because it will be set at a flat price, which will more than likely be under any auction price paid, and you will be able to source a reliable constant supply.

Liquidation is quite popular with smaller sellers because they don't think that they can afford to buy larger lots direct, but they will usually end up paying more for the lot than they would through direct channels.

Bottom line, some say they do ok on the site, but a lot do seem to get burnt, find yourself a good liquidator and save all the hassles of not knowing what the hell you are getting, and never being sure of what the price is going to be!

Mark (fudjj)

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5 Apr 09 11:47:20 pm
I bought 5 different lots off there 2 years ago did decent but it is usually not 'hot' items .... I would suggest you only buy where there is a detailed Manifest of the items- when people do not want to tell you in detail what you are getting there is often a reason ..The reason i dropped from buying from liquidation.com is i just find better ''Lot'' deals on Ebay and i can contact the seller and confirm what i am getting ....A good example is a 'lot' of dvds ..If you are selling 100 good titles you will list them all when selling to try and get top dollar , but if it is a lot of b-movies most will not list the titles.


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