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21 Feb 07 03:47:15 pm
Hi , 2 weeks ago i bought my 4th auction from LIQUIDATION.COM ....It was a Bulk Lot of 1080 floating solar lights for you garden or pool - these retail for anywhere from $10-30 , i got them for $1.25 that included shipping .....Now to the problem when i got them they came on 2 large pallets standing about 6-7 feet high and delivered at 7pm in the dark so impossible to count as it took me an hour to break them down and get them moved to place i needed -they were in their factory sealed boxes but after counting i was short 5 boxes that totaled 60 lights and 1 case was opened and used and than put back in the box and they did not work i notified LIQUIDATION .COM by fax and than emailed them the 2 photos -one with the opened dirty lights and than one with the cases stacked up .i am not sure what good photos do in this cases as if i was a scammer i could just remove 5 boxes - i notified them about 5 days ago and they said it will be up to 10 business days to get a resolution ..If they gave me the option of rerurning the lights and getting a full refund i would refuse i have tested 10 cases and all work so far so it appears to be a great deal but i would like to get what i pay for - honestly i think they just did the math wrong and miss counted - or the ups driver who i thought was joking asked if i was gonna give him a couple cases for a tip -and it was starnge that there were a few loose boxes that he brought me ...will keep you informed of the outcome.

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21 Feb 07 06:11:47 pm
Hmm that sounds fishy. Sound almost like it possible the UPS driver stole a few boxes for himself. Keep us posted

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21 Feb 07 10:03:44 pm
But would he say anything about getting a few boxes for a tip? Or is that what he wanted you to think?
What seller was it?
Hopefully you can still make a profit, hope it works out for ya.

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27 Feb 07 07:46:10 pm
I was shorted 3 items on a order of sporting apparel by this company. You might expect this to happen on occasion. However the items that were missing had the highest retail price attached to them ($850 of a total retail value of $4936 or 17%) I filed a dispute resolution form and received a e-mail that it would take up to 10 days for a reply. When I did not receive a reply in 10 days I faxed a second request stated that I had not received a reply from the first one. When I did not receive a reply to that fax I then tried sending an e-mail to Tiffany whom I was told processes the disputes. When I did not receive a reply from her I wrote it off as cost of education! I will never again bid on any of their items


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