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7 Mar 07 03:28:02 pm
Hi , i had a dispute filed with them - as i order some brand new solar light 1080 -when i got them there was only 1020 (iwas shorted 5 cases that had 12 in each case) and also one case was used and they didnt work - so i was shorted in total 72 lights -i paid with s/h $1.15 each ..they sent me a refund of $53 about a week ago - i sent emails to see how they came up with this number so i could share it with the other members but have never gotten a reply all i got was a notification of a refund and that came from paypal....the only thing i can figure is that they took the 1080 took away the 2% quanity variance which leaves about 50 light and times that by the $1.15 ...or i paid about .74 a light without shipping and they times that by the 72 ..........i just think it is interesting they never sent a email to explain the total ......eitheir way i am happy- i have been selling the lights for $5-7 so a great profit and if they would of sent no refund i would of been happy as i got such a great deal .......also this was my first weekend at the local flea market and the best seller i had was actually the 2 pallets of clothes i got from TARGET i paid an avearge of $1.30 and sold about 50 pieces for $3 and i have the higher priced items on ebay and had a south park pajama set that i sold on ebay last weekend for $15 ......good luck !

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7 Mar 07 05:17:08 pm
sounds like a great deal. Hope things continue to work for you.


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