- How to import? - Are they legitimate?

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15 Dec 07 10:53:20 pm
Hi everyone! Is there anybody who has dealt with Are they legitimate?

What do they mean that buyer may arrange for shipment? Do you have any idea how much will it cost to ship the items here in Kuwait? Do they have tracking numbers for their shipment? Is it safe to deal with them?

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20 Dec 07 09:53:07 pm is a good source to get
cheep stuff but to export to Kuwait, Your
shipping is going to cost more than the

Just a word of caution!!!!!!!!Be careful.

John (aka(bacpro)

J Baca

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21 Dec 07 04:25:07 am
Yes be careful! Also have a set amount you are willing to pay and no more.

Lose the auctions if it means you are paying to much.

Its not just eBayers buying on that site. Regular retailers are too and businesses for their office and regular people combining their resources to get a great deal. And who will almost buy at retail to save a 100 or 200 but close enough to retail so you can't make a profit.

Only bid on one auction at a time at least in the beginning. One per day. Because if you bid on more than one and dont have the cash to pay youll get in trouble with Liquid.

Every purchase you make ensure to fully inspect and test within 3 days or you cant get a refund.

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3 Jan 08 12:19:10 pm
Very good advice. I have won 2 auctions at The first (returns)had some real good merchandise, but, also had a lot of 'junk' - I did make my $$ back, but not much more and I still have many items left. The second (shelf pulls)had more junk than good. Lots of damaged stuff and things that were missing parts and unsaleable. I have again made my $$ back, but not much profit. They seem to lure you with a few good items and then pad the lot with mostly undesireable stuff. Also, I live close enough to one of their warehouses to pick up my merchandise. If you win an auction that is 'heavy' be prepared to spend mucho bucks on shipping. I only bid on new merchandise that is small and light in weight if I need to have it shipped. Just bid smart and be careful - read the manifest!

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11 Jan 08 10:28:45 pm
Hi, I just won 1 auction for New items, but I had to pay more the 25% of the final cost because of shipping, taxes, premium, transaction, and money exchange cost. Be carefull...


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