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2 May 07 11:38:53 pm
just my 2 cent on

shipping and transaction is smooth and precise
but most of their bidders over bid the price especially iPods

electronics such as TV, laptop, game consoles mp3, mp4, ipods are just returns and 2nd hand used garbage. i ordered couple times from them and 20-30% of the items in the lot are defects.

i certainly didnt make any profit out those two lots but didnt lose much and learn my lesson on items listed on their site.

i would only look at items that are listed as 'NEW'

when is too good to be true, usually it is.

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3 May 07 01:45:55 am
I've had good luck with shelf pull items from liquidation.

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3 May 07 06:14:10 am
I have as well. I think I have quite a bit to do with the ipods going so high. They used to sell good but I started advertising them here and the selling prices went through the roof. Not a good bargain anymore.

They used to sell for an average price of 39-45 each. Now its just ridiculous.

I do like thier shelf pulls. Theres a bit of junk in there but with a massive amount of product it can still be turned around quite well.

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21 Jun 07 06:39:29 pm
I have been looking at as a potential source, but in scrutinizing the various auctions, I have noticed you have to examine a bunch of things before you jump in and bid and some of the items after you look at the shipping and manifest, you wonder what were those people thinking when they were bidding. The titles can be very decieving and the shipping can be ridiculous. There is one company out of OK that is selling either shelf pulls or new clothes and while the pricing can seem reasonable, if you have dealt with others who have similar itemsand familiar with shipping on a lot that size you will see their shipping is easily 4X higher (average shipping on some of the lots is 60-85, theirs was 348). So while I cannot comment on an actual transaction from what I saw there, you have to examine the manifests carefully AND the shipping costs because these all factor into your ability to make money. If the manifest does not give a complete listing of what is in the auction or the title is misleading when compared to the manifest or the shipping is outrageous, steer clear. IMHO

There looks to be some good deals to be had though if you take the time to examine them carefully. I will let you know how my first transaction with them goes.


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