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Liquidation.com - My experience

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27 Aug 07 08:21:59 pm
I'll be writing a final report on liquidation.com when the refund comes back into my pocket. But at this time they have agreed to refund my money and have sent me a shipping label to have the item picked-up.

Jimmy. The memory really wasnt sellable at all. You need at least 512mb pc100/133 pc 200 to do any serious damage and this batch had 64mb as the highest amount. With many many at 8 and 16mb.

When the money comes back into my account I'll be giving liquid.com a thumbs up for accountability.

As a final thought.

Jimmy is right about doing your homework on purchasing from liquid. Though I searched through the Q+A on the buyer icemedia's listings and looked at the amount of sales the seller was making. You can't be sure without a manifest. And read the listing carefully. This seller would never commit to the amount of memory in the Q+A section, without saying up to and including 1 gig. Or, don't know but is a good mix.

Always look for any inconsistancies from the listing description and the Q+A and follow up with questions about that.
Also, the amount of sales the buyer has made isnt a fail safe when determining safety as this buyer had 50 or so sales. After my complaint his sale listings dropped considerably to just one.

I dont know about this seller Icemedia. Either he was putting out some good memory and then was selling the left over junk at the end or he was just ripping people off and it caught up to him and they stopped his sales.

If anyone here has had dealing with Icemedia pleae PM me or list it here about your experience.

Final thoughts, I examined the memory immediately upon receipt and filed a dispute the night of the delivery date. I was then sent a response email from liquid asking for pictures which I immediately sent. I sent them about 8 pics and further explained the problem with references as exact quotes from the sellers listing as well as quotes from his Q+A from other exact listings to further boost my position.

The turnaround time was more than the ten business days from dispute. About two weeks, so give them some leeway on this. Also, I paid with Paypal.

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Posts: 840
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27 Aug 07 08:50:45 pm
If anyone has had a bad experience with icemedia I have his contact info.
To protect this person from unnecessary harassment I will only give it out through the pm system and you have to explain your situation and give the auction and transaction number.

The purpose is to help anyone who has as their only course of action to take legal action against icemedia.

Jimmy. If this violates forum rules just delete.

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