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13 Jan 07 10:16:13 pm
Here is your answers:
I just bought a lot 15 Ipods mimi from them cost me total 1334 or $89 a unit and when i received it 8 of them not working, 2 broken displays and they only sent 3 headphone for all 15 units?. I Searched Ebay and average price is 50-80 used ipod,so please tell me if I will make money on this lot. I Fax them my dispute form and who know?, this lot is not salvage. Hope this help somone.

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14 Jan 07 03:35:52 am
I have taken Jimmy's advice and have been checking out They have a lot of lots that are new, shelf pulls, and reburbished, which I feel safer with. I noticed that alot of times the bids go just as high as on EBay per item when the bidders get caught up in the bidding. Don't forget to take into account the 5% buyers premium and the shipping charges as you bid.

So I finally won something. I got 50 4gb Pen drives (new) for about $30 apiece after all charges included. I should be able to make a few dollars on these.

I think I might buy some of their stock also.

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14 Jan 07 05:15:23 pm
I have bought 3 auctions and recieved 2 so far one was lingerie and the other was childrens clothes .It was all as advertised and the lingerie was better than we thought and they sent an 24 pieces but i would not buy any electronics -pc type of stuff because most as the warnings say is that they are SALVAGE RETURNS .If not and you feel you were mislead or ripped off you can contact them within 2 business days and fill out a report .

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15 Jan 07 01:13:42 am
Were they labled as returns? Returns have a high likelyhood that there can be few or many damaged items in a lot. The note that you only recieved a few headphones tells me you bought a lot of returns.

When you buy items labled as returns in the electronics field its highly possible you will get basically returns without all the parts and accessories originally included in a new item. As I have always stated when buying from you must research the product condition and information fully before bidding. They are a clearance company and they clear literally anything. Also professionals buy damaged item lots all the time to fix them and resell them.

Contact and file a report if this is not the case. They usually contact you within 48-72 hours.

Also I think you definately paid way more for them then they were worth to begin with. Ive seen many auctions go for much less. As low as $45 a unit.

I would have to see the listing myself to know the facts but most of the listings I have seen they will tell you in the manefest if they powered on.

This link is an example.
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If your auction had a manifest. Double check it with your items and if it is incorrect then you have a case.

Just a note. You can still sell broken items on ebay. I do it all the time. Just make sure your listing shows you are selling broken units. I used to sell broken Xboxes for about $30 bucks less then the average selling price on ebay.

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