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28 Jun 07 10:36:43 pm
hi i was biddin on some jewelery about 10 days ago and i won then they told me that i had to wire the money the first time so i did i have contacted them and they say that it takes 1-6 days before shipping my goods
now its 10 days and nothing from them .the most of you here on saleshoo say that is a leggit and god company
please what to do
thanks peter. :(

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29 Jun 07 01:37:46 am
The first time I won something from, I paid witht he credit card I had registered with them. Did you pay Liquidation or the person selling? I think all payments go through Liquidation. That way the seller remains completely unknown to the buyer. Liquidation then takes their cut and passes the rest on to the seller.
It does take a little while for Liquidation to ship. You should have received a tracking number. I would call the buyer help number for Liquidation and find out what is happening.

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29 Jun 07 04:11:22 am
I too bought something from them. After about two weeks of not getting my shipment I called them back and they refunded my money for the order. I would call them and ask for an update on the products.

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29 Jun 07 09:59:54 am
When I make purchases from liquidation. It usually takes about 10-14 days to get my goods. They may say 1-6 to process the shipment but its also based on the carrier that handles the shipping. Sometimes you have to wait extra time for the carrier to process and deliver the shipment.

Liquidation is sometimes slow on sending tracking info as well. Try contacting them and checking on your order.

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29 Jun 07 11:14:01 am
thanks for the help
i willm try to call them

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3 Jul 07 05:41:54 pm
I takes 3 days or so for the payment to process through their system and another 7 or so days for product to ship. I paid by Credit Card, it't the easiest way. You fill out the info and you can use it on your next purchase.

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15 Sep 12 05:30:10 pm
anyone bought item from and re-sell on eBay? from the items is authenticity has any document paper for authenticity? can paypal and eBay confirm the suppler/seller for the brand of authenticity ?

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17 Sep 12 12:58:39 am
Hi hershop06,

Like with any supplier you will need to ask for these documents (proof of authenticity) from the supplier directly. Please note that there are hundreds of seller on so it might also be good to do your research before buying from any of the suppliers.

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