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7 Jul 08 07:11:32 am
Is this site good to use?

and does anyone know a trusted wholesale/dropship supplier i can goto perferebly for electronics.

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9 Jul 08 04:32:29 pm
It's a huge risk on that website. I have had some decent deals with them but also some REALLY bad ones. I whole pallet of CRAP one time!

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10 Jul 08 01:36:37 am
I bought a 30 mp3 players from them 2 different order 12 came with no batteries had to buy it apart $10.00 each one, on top of that like 6 of them were damage didn't work at all. I sold the good ones the bad ones for pieces and lost $300.00 on that sweet deal.

So if you going to buy, buy low don't go high on bid and be really carefull with RETURN item most of them are broke or really defective.
At least that was my experience.

I have bought new item from them they came nice in the box ready to retail, but those are the hard ones to find.

If your looking for electronics I had use dbldistributing they're not cheap they are like a retail store with a few good prices, mostly in wires and stuff like that.

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10 Jul 08 07:49:10 pm
stay away from electronics esp ipods and game systems. stay away from returns and salvage cause they prob wont work but they are selling under the terms and in their right as they are sold as the fine print...actually its in bold...but poeple dont seem to notice still. if its new its prob ok

clothing is generally good but people bid up to rediculous prices. i sell all my dead inventory on their and still make a profit even after liq. $200 commission cut.

best bet is a truckload from them if its right condition but beaware of shipping -- also they ownt ship residental, charge liftgates. They overcharge shipping by doubl eon most everything. Most of my customers ive ship too have been charged around $50 ship on my items thru liquidation (seller doesnt control shipping charges) when it should have run $25 tops.

Swimwear is also fine to buy on there. Theres good deals on houseware pallets but then again watch out for shipping quotes. You could make 4x your profit on some items but add in the ship and watch out. They are selling off new tvs there...great deals but check ou the shipping $150 $200!

sorry for typos still half asleep

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12 Jul 08 09:45:19 pm
Hi All,
Ive had some good and bad deals with If you really want to buy on that site, you have to make sure you buy items NEW. Stay away from items marked RETURNS. As in the small print of that site, they state they cannot guarantee that these items work. I bought a whole box full of electronic goods from a RETURNS auction, and got them sent to Australia. The whole process took 3 weeks, and when they arrived, not one of the items worked. They were all returned to liquidation because they were faulty. Wont be doing that again. But on the other hand, i bought some other items NEW, again they took just over 3 weeks to arrive, and were perfect, sold them at a small profit. Not sure it was worth the 3 week wait though. The shipping on both auctions was $300 so that does eat into the old profit margin a tad, but at least i didnt loose any money.


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