Lowpriceforyou.com - experiences?

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31 Oct 08 09:24:13 pm
Hello, I am new to this and wanted to get everyones take and experience if any with using lowpriceforyou.com? Are they a legit distributers because the deals they are offering seem to be too good to be true. Anyone ever work with them?

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13 Nov 08 06:57:39 am
Yeah I did some Research on them, lowpriceforyou.com, lots of complaints on them, I tried buying from them but my Bank refused them taking my money from my account, thank goodness the money didnt come out of my account cause when I did more research i found that the Dvds they sell are older ones like in the 40's or 50's or They didnt Deliver, when I checked on there business License it isnt the same as what they are selling. The Bank and I figured they, the Lowpriceforyou didnt want you to use a credit card cause you can fight the charges if the items isnt what you bought, they pretty much wanted me to give up on using the credit card and use a check or Money order so that I couldnt fight the charges. I wont use them PERIOD.


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