- avoid them like the plague! They sell fakes!

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30 Dec 06 05:23:06 am
Okay you guys. I have a webstore. In an effort to expand my inventory and to offer more varity, I decided to try an additional wholesaler. LUVLUXERYHANDBAGS.COM came highly recommended from an eBay powerseller that I have had dealings with. She states on her site that some bags have imperfections, but if there are imperfections it will clearly say so in the title or description. So I ordered 7 bags. NONE OF THEM SAID IMPERFECT IN THEIR DESCRIPTION. All 7 bags are fakes, bad fakes at that. The 'leather 'on the bag isn't even leather. Her pictures look good but the bags are to be avoided. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SUPPLIER. I have a good supplier of authentic bags. I will just keep offering a small varity of bags until I can get another supplier. :evil:

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30 Dec 06 06:17:23 am
Handbags are a item to just stay away from period. 99 Pecent of them sold on ebay are fakes anyways.

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3 Jan 07 04:32:08 pm
Good advice. I have even had some sellers send me product to view first to prove that they werent fakes. One quick look and you could tell there were fakes. They than stated that there sales rep misstated that they were original. They ment to say original replicas. lol . They than tried to bill me for the fakes and said they couldnt accept returns. What a jaoke. Be careful out there in that field. Thats all I have to say.

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23 Aug 10 06:59:37 pm
GUYS why in this world do you insist on buying fakes on the web. We carry beautiful ORIGINAL bags STYUP brand, have a look at our wholesale conditions. GET REAL and don't waste time and money with fake items.

Styup Ltd
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