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Luxury Brands LLC - Not returning emails - Scammers?

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5 Dec 06 10:31:39 pm
Hi guys, has anyone used this company before?

I joined their mailing list for $99, and every email i sent them after that were bounced back. I even tried to call them this morning, and the guy tat picked up the phone just hanged up on me!!!

Is this a scammer???? What can I do to get my money back??? someone help me??!!!

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6 Dec 06 01:17:00 am
Where are they from?

is this the one?

Website: Link hidden: Login to view

8840 Norwood Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19118


215-248- 3579 Fax

How did you pay for the mailing list?

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6 Dec 06 02:46:26 am
Luxury Brands is a legit company. Ive seen thier booths at a few tradeshows. And they have been on ebay live radio too.Try contacting them from this information here if your emails arent going through. Try calling again.

Voice: 703 848 1653
Fax: 703 821 1426

Luxury Brands
c/o Magazzino Italiano
8474 Tyco Road.
Vienna, VA 22182

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30 Mar 07 03:29:53 pm
I emailed them about something to do with my order (it had the status marked as 'not finished' and I wasn't sure if something had gone wrong during checkout). They emailed me back within a day.

But check the email address you used. At first I tried hitting reply after receiving a statement from them and that didn't get through. Then I tried sales@.... and it didn't get through. But orders@.... did get through OK. I think they have multiple addresses that work for their outgoing email but not for their incoming email (probably autoresponders). It's a matter of getting the right email address to use, and it can be not all that clear on their site.

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24 May 07 03:25:13 am
they never have anything in stock it is always sold out. lol

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24 May 07 10:18:07 am
Thats usually a good sign of how popular they are

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25 May 07 04:33:36 pm
Yes they are recommended, 100% legitimate from my experience.


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