- has anybody dealt with them?

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31 Mar 09 01:13:33 am
Hello everybody,
I want to open an eBay store and start selling products of, they do not have a drop shipping system but there is no minimum order and I can order for my customers.

But when I contacted them, they did not answer all my questions and I can actually see the shipping costs when I checked out! Needless to say, the prices of their products are much higher than those on eBay. I only have 20 feedback on eBay (feedback of products worth $15) and I'm afraid if I sell their products on eBay that nobody would want to buy them from me because of my low feedback and higher prices!

Does anybody have any experience with this wholesaler? And should I sell their products on eBay?

Anyone knows any other drop shipper/wholesaler of brand name clothing ?

Please help me as I want to start my eBay store this month.

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6 Oct 09 05:32:29 am
Hi onlinebusiness1,

I know it's been months, but I'm happy to give you some suggestions if you still need them.

eBay has become an extremely competitive marketplace and it is not uncommon to find products selling at prices the same as or lower than wholesale. There is more competition than ever, and the truth is it's not as easy to make money as it used to be.

If your feedback isn't skyhigh, then work on it. eBay buries sellers with low feedback ratings in the search listings, so less people are going to see your items for sale. The best way to get your feedback up fast? List as many items as you can and consider having a sale (either reducing the item price or offering free shipping). Even if you lose a bit of money now, you'll reap the benefits in the long term when your feedback is higher and your listings more visible.

You can also buy liquidation as it allows you to offer great prices on brand name and designer items, while still making a good margin.


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