MK Enterprise is a scam

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2 Jun 09 09:16:00 pm
They got a $580 of my money and will not let me buy a thing from their website. When I do a checkout, it gives me an error. This all started when I emailed them about withdrawing the money. The very next day, I was not able to login at all. I posted my problem on this forum and Richelle said she contacted them. I was able to login the next day but can't do no checkout.

I have emailed all of their email addresses 3-5 times and no one is replying, my spam box is empty so I know they are not replying. I even give them 2 other emails to reply back to me.

I want to buy something from them to get my money back, please salehoo admin help me.

This site is a big scam and steer clear from them if they don't think you will be doing business with u, they will keep your money. is a scam

Salehoo should not promote this site no more.

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2 Jun 09 09:26:31 pm
Best thing you can do at this point is direct your problem with MK to Richelle at Link hidden: Login to view, bring her completely up to speed and she will do her very best for you.

Mark (fudjj)

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2 Jun 09 11:27:59 pm
It's got me beat....These guys used to have a good reputation especially amongst aussie ebayers but they have blotted their copy book too many times and now I will not go near them if they were the only option on earth. Maybe got greedy or money problems behind the scenes but STEER WELL CLEAR of MK

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2 Jun 09 11:54:39 pm
World Wide is also one to Steer Clear of! It Took Me over 2 months to get my money back. I sent back their Dealer Package Back, Iwas E-Mailing them everyday after 2 weeks,By week 6, 3-4 times a day.

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15 Jul 09 03:25:10 am
I've purchased heaps of stuff from these guys in the past, but stopped using them for a while. Recently I sent a faulty camera back to them to assess and have heard nothing for over a month. I've called all the numbers, which are NEVER answered, emailed several times, but no response. I even called the mobile number for their company director Mr. Mohammed Kanfoudi on 00852 60790746 but no response of any kind. They used to answer my emails fairly promptly, but now theyve had my camera for 3 months and are ignoring me. Looks like they've sacked all the staff and gone belly up. Mr Kandoufi probably sold my camera to buy groceries. DO NOT send this supplier any money, until somebody can verify whether they are still trading legitimately, or have turned rogue.

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16 Jul 09 12:05:47 am
We are truly sorry to hear that this situation occurred. We really did not see this coming. They have been a verified and trusted supplier of SaleHoo for quite sometime.

We have removed MK Enterprise from our directory for the time being, as we have been unable to make contact with them to follow-up on customer questions. We advise any existing customers to AVOID placing further orders until further notice.

Please be assured that we are doing our best to resolve all existing issues and concerns.

We will be posting updates once we hear from them.


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