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28 Sep 07 02:24:23 am
Hello SaleHoo staff,

I am in the process of establishing a business relationship with MK Enterprise and I could use your expert advise before I move foward.....
1. How much does it cost to use UPS Worldwide as a customs broker and is it necessary?
2. Is it safe to say I should charge approximately 5% duty in my selling price?
3. Most of the product manufactures in the US will not honor a 12 month warranty on imports, should I offer my customers optional insurance on my website?
4. Finally, what is your opinion of MK?

Thanks in advance,
Reggie 8)

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28 Sep 07 12:38:10 pm
(1) Word


john (bacpro)

J Baca

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1 Oct 07 10:12:21 am
If your located in the USA , why are you bothering with MK? You should link yourself with Link hidden: Login to view as they are a US electronics distributer. The biggest in the US in fact. And they have same day order fullfillment and 1 item min purchase. They also have dropshipping.

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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1 Oct 07 02:40:06 pm
Hi Jimmy,
I was also looking at DBL but for the requirements to sign up such as trade references, business profiles, and such, makes it very difficult for a person just starting out. How would you get three or four trade references if you're just starting.
Also in relation to warranty on imported items such as cameras. What are everyone's views on warranties such as a MACK Warranty. Are they worth it?


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1 Oct 07 06:43:49 pm
I have to agree salehoo needs to make an FAQ for dbldistributors.

They are very difficult (costly) to get really going with dbl, where as you can get going overnight with zreiss and the like.

Link hidden: Login to view

Someone from the staff, other people should write up a guide to what new startups do in order to get fully qualified with dbldistribute, how much it costs, how to handle the hassles, etc.

Great idea!

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2 Oct 07 02:25:11 pm
I was looking at the prices of DBL
and find them a bit higher than Evertek,

I buy a lot from evertek and get the
items shipped the same day. Being in California
I get the items the next day. So my 2 cents
is I recommend Evertek as a good place to
buy electronics.
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J Baca

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4 Nov 07 11:20:26 pm
The bad thing with this company is that if you only sell on ebay, they say you don't qualify to use them!


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