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18 Jun 07 02:14:54 pm
Hi everyone,

I just want to post this information as a warning for all Salehoo members to stay away from

Ever since being recommended to them just over a year ago, I have had nothing but headache after headache with them.

First of all their staff just happen to have no product knowledge whatsoever and will tell you anything just to keep you quiet until the next time you phone them to question their garbage. Let me give you a brief of one of my bad experiences with them.

I ordered a Japan version sony ps3 from them, which they told me is exactly the same as the UK version. Upon receiving it, my customer realised that it plays UK games because ps3 games are region free, but it did not play ps1 or ps2 games, neither could it play UK blu-ray discs. When I contacted them to query this, they told me that ps3 is not guaranteed to play ps1 or ps2 games (WHAT RUBBISH), and they do not play blu-ray discs at all.
To top it all off, they wouldn't even refund or replace for the correct version even on the grounds that I was misinformed by their own staff.

The prices of their goods is hardly anything to get excited about either. If you do your research you come to realise that their prices are near enough the same as in the shops, minus the VAT, which makes no difference anyway because UPS will ask you pay it when they deliver the goods. If you're a dropshipper and intend to keep your customers happy and regular, then don't even bother to consider these people, as your customers will not appreciate such nasty surprises.

For such a big company selling branded products, it's very surprising that they don't accept Paypal or have wholesale prices for different quantities purchased.

If you want to run a stress-free and efficient e-business then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from these clowns. They care nothing about customer service or satisfaction and are not worth anyones hard earned cash.

Please share any similar experiences or if you know any other good wholesaler of branded electronics.

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18 Jun 07 05:07:13 pm
sorry to hear about your problems with them, but perhaps if you had bothered to research your product properly you would have found out the blueray/backwards compatibility issues?

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18 Jun 07 06:00:23 pm
It well known that the US version has severe problems playing PS1 And PS2 Games and that the European Verson Wont play them at all. Its been a wide discussion on these units since thier release.

I find It curious how you expect Mkenterprise to Know this. A Company that stocks over 6,000 Products will not have an infinite knowledge of every Item they carry. They can only tell you what they know about the item and if they dont know all the facts it not really thier fault.

As a consumer its your responsibility to know what your purchasing.
Every Item I buy that is electronic I study relentlessly untill I know everything I can about it. I myself ab preparing to buy a Nikon D40X for my wife which costs a little more then a Ps3. I have spent hours researching this item and comparing it to other Cameras.

When I buy this item I will know exactly what It can do and how to use it.

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24 Jun 07 09:14:49 pm
I am not saying that I expect them to know everything about their 6000+ products, but they should at least have the decency to say they do not know, or at the very least, stick to the same story that they initially told me.

Have you ever tried to phone MK's office in the UK? They are the most unprofessional people to ever walk this earth. There is a girl called Kim who often answers the phone and just doesn't have a clue about anything, product knowledge aside. Try thowing a question or basic enquiry about an order to her, and she pretends and acts like she is finding out information for you, and then returns to the phone to deliver weak answers: our systems are down (Classic!!); the person who deals with this is not around; send us an email.

I am sorry if I seem to be giving negative vibes about MK, but I just don't think they are worth all of the hype and attention that has been given to them.


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