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MKEurope.co.uk - Haven't upgraded my account to dropshipping

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8 May 07 07:57:04 am
Payed them to upgraid my acount to dropselling too. They got my money, but NEVER upgraided my acount. Have emailed them MANY times but nothing have happend.

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10 Jul 07 11:43:13 am
Hey same thing happend to me for about a week but then they upgraded my account to dropshipping..
i am now waiting for them to locate my money i sent them last week...

If you were dropshipping, i'd put enough to cover the item that your selling because it takes awhile.

Thanks taYz._^

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17 Jul 07 05:05:45 am
hi taz34dog have you received your money into your mkenterprise's dropship account, how long does it took? im in the same case as you, i sent them money the last week but they havent located my money, and im worried about it


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