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15 Feb 11 01:46:23 am
hello i've been looking through Dhgate alot lately and i know like many others probably have, that they offer some pretty interesting mobile phones. i know about them not being the real thing but, they are functional and if you wanted to maybe list them on ebay, will it be a problem if you also state that it is in fact generic or non branded? ima kind of stomped on this. Thanks for all you all help!

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15 Feb 11 05:54:31 am
You can list any phone you want as long as you don't sell phones that are portrayed as something they are not. Obviously, you cant list an Iphone clone and stated any reference to Apple. You can't even say looks and works like an Iphone. You can say though, works and looks just like the best selling phone by the company with a fruit as their name.

Your biggest hurdle will be in finding legitimate suppliers with good product. This will likely be your biggest thorn in your side. Research your suppliers thoroughly and test run product one at a time. You will also want to ask how the items will be shipped and labeled. If they are shipped with any type of brand name mentioned anywhere you may have them held in customs. You also want to make sure the supplier guarantees their product will clear customs.


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