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2 Aug 06 03:04:14 am
Hi Guys.

Has anybody dealt with
they have new release dvd,s for US$9.00 dollars each.
Is this right?????
Im new to this so im not quite sure.most of the movies are even still at the cinema.

Has any body dealt with them.Any Help would be much appriciated.
sounds abit dodgy.

New Zealand

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2 Aug 06 04:51:25 pm
You can't legally buy a movie that's still in the theater. At least not until Mark Cuban has his way.

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2 Aug 06 11:12:32 pm
Yeah i thought so....
must be a scam..

thanks for the reply.

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3 Aug 06 01:03:56 am
They are generally just pirated copies. I wouldn't say they are scams but they are illegal (in most countries). :)

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