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23 May 06 04:49:26 am
has anybody used Link hidden: Login to view? they only accept western union, money order and t/t. thanks.

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23 May 06 05:17:16 am
A good website is the one that accepts all kinds of payments...

Money transfers/money orders ONLY, will probably try to steal your money.

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23 May 06 11:21:15 am
I agree with the last message, money transfer and Wester Union only are dodgy to say the least. However, in China especially it is the only method they use. If you research thoroughly and don't go mad sending thousands of dollars you should be OK but keep it in mind that if they do a runner with your money there is NOTHING you can do. :(

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23 May 06 11:26:50 am
Yes, My father worked for a sunroof company in St. Louis, Mo. They ordered from China all the time. The only accepted method of payment was wire transfer. Just ask for references and follow up to be sure. You can also request a sample order to be sure.

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23 May 06 08:37:14 pm
This can not be said enough people. If a supplier will not accept credit card payments or Paypal then 9 times out of 10 you are going to get scammed! Never wire money or send a check or money order to someone you have never dealt with. If something goes wrong there is no way to get your money back. I would also check out websites at sites like to see who you are dealing with.

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24 May 06 05:46:11 pm
DONT DO IT,.. they will rob you

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2 Jun 06 07:41:01 pm
Please note every 1 '

Western union is not the best way to make payments ' im a witness i have used them once and i have lost out on a small amout of 100 usd .

I personally reccomend if you do business make these the options to pay

- Escrow( Third party will make sure the transaction goes well)

- Paypal ( They will offer you protection)

As far as i believe them two are the best and also salehoo reccpmend it .

please be careful


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3 Jun 06 04:40:21 am
I don't know how much I'd trust this site. I just checked their whois info and the domain is almost a year old... but it had a major change in information on March 17, 2006. Because I'm not a paid subscriber to (formerly, I can't see what the info change was.


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