My experience trying to visit JMC Wholesale

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2 Apr 10 02:30:18 am
I went to Miami today to visit some companies that I found interesting. My plans were to go to Miami tonight, and visit several places tomorrow. I do plan on making certain to do some sort of a write up on each company. I also plan on making a separate thread for each, for search purposes.

I called JMC wholesale on my way down from Orlando. Orlando is about 4 hrs away. The phone was answered by voice-mail, stating thank you for calling JMC online, please leave a message. I left the message that I was coming to Orlando, and would like to know if it was possible to stop by for a visit. I did not receive a phone call back.

JMC Wholesale seems to concentrate on cosmetics. Their was one product that I wanted to check out. This product cost about $20 through JMC wholesale, without a box. It retailed for approximately $80. Research showed that it was selling for about $35 on e-bay. I figured that After all associated costs, I could probably net $5. Not a large profit. The thinking was I would be able to make a small profit on a small purchase, and use this for experience.

Well I drove by the address. This was a private home. This was in a nice, but older neighborhood. While they have been in business for over 5 years, I figure that I can probably find a source that is closer to the supplier. If you have no problems dealing w/ a home based business, which many of us are, then I would have no problems with suggesting to give them a try.

They are not accredited withe the BBB. They have no complaints. The BBB gives them a grade of B.

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2 Apr 10 04:32:20 am
Hi bucfsan,

Love your work : )

That's the kind of information that can be invaluable to members, and kudos for considering everyone else in what is your own research!

Mark (fudjj)

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15 Apr 10 01:11:58 am
We have been buying from JMC Wholesale for the past 3 years and can assure you that they are not a home based business. Not sure how you came up with a residential address - but their physical business address & phone no. is clearly stated on their web site at

You may want to do a little bit more research in the future, before making those lengthy business trips. I find that it's always best to schedule an appointment with any company as some are not open to the public.

I see that your message was posted April 2nd - their office was closed the week before Easter.

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15 Apr 10 09:29:49 pm
Duster, I double checked the address I used and it is the same one on the website. BTW, it is not readily available; it is in the FAQ section. Their website is not where I originally found their address. If it is available somewhere else on their site, I did not see where.

Now I admit that I am confused. When I pull the address up on Google maps, it shows what looks like a storage complex for companies, these buildings look like concrete stucco block. When I put the address in my Garmin, I went to a residential address. Somewhere along the line, something went wrong with the address. I do apologize for the confusion.

I will stand by that I feel that this is a smaller company. I stated that they had been in business for at least 5 years. They claim to have been in business since 2003, ( not far off). A large percentage of companies do not last more than 3 years. This being said, I do, and did, believe that this is probably a reputable company.

Now part of the reason of why I thought this was a home based company, is the comments that I found about the company, the responses given, where these comments were found, and the lack of information readily available. I also looked at the type of products they sold, and the quantities you can buy them in. This is also based on other information I was able to find. ( I am not sending people to where I found the comments, because I did not believe the comments to be reputable, and were several years old).

I do appreciate your concern for my time. I actually have family in Miami, which was part of the reason for going down to Miami. I also had about a dozen companies that I wanted to find out more information about. The main thing I was interested in doing was research. I wanted to see which companies that I wanted to buy from, and learn a little more about them. I did receive a call back explaining that they were closed when I made the call. It was also requested that if I wanted to show up to their warehouse, that I let them know in advance, as they did not normally have people stop by.

Now for me personally, I have to be extra careful. I cannot afford the possibility of working with someone that I know I can trust. This is because I have limited experience in this area, which I have stated in other threads. So if a company decided not to allow me go in the ware house, without advance notice, I probably would not do business with them.

In short, my main points stand:

-They are a company that is probably smaller (although probably not a home based business)
- They have been in business over 5 years
- While not registered with the BBB- they have no complaints and rate a grade.
-If you look hard enough, and are willing to buy in high enough volume, you can probably find someone closer to the source.
- All signs point to them being a reputable company with products priced where you can still make a profit.

I hope that clears things up, because I did not want to offend, or for it to seem like I had negative things to say about JMC Wholesale.

I also want to thank you for responding. I stopped writing anything about the companies I visited, because they did not get much of a response. This showed me that not enough people were taking interest in them for me to put forth the effort of what I had found.
I do not have the personality to get insulted, or feelings hurt if you prove me wrong. On the contrary, I learn more from people that I disagree.


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16 Apr 10 12:13:32 am
Hi Chris :)

Thanks for the clarification. Please don't stop what you are doing just because nobody replies - it doesn't mean nobody's reading it.

Like fudjj, I also like reading your researches, it gives an insight in a somewhat more personal way. And I'm sure a number of us have found these quite helpful.

To more researches and postings!



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16 Apr 10 12:22:30 am
I too read them. I just don't reply because I have no input. That does not mean I am not learning from your experience.


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