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27 Jul 06 02:15:27 pm
I recently won an auction on and
for the most part was satisfied with the product
I won. But just want to warn people what happen.

I won the auction and proceed for payment. They
send an invoice the for acution it was 325.00 but
here's the shocking news the shipping was 360.00. Wow was
I surprised, this was by truck. So what I want all
to know is do your research before you start biding.

I was new to this website so I did not know that
you can arrange your own shipping on some auctions
and when bidding on an auction try to bid on items
being shipped from your part of the USA. Look at
where the shipment is coming from. I live in California
so now I only look at auction shipped from the western
part of the USA.....All I can say I learned a lesson....

The merchandise was on a palet and very poorly
packed...and I'm sure that if I would of done a little
research on trucking company rates I would of gotten a better
rate....O'well next time I'll know.....

PS: Read everything about the auction before you bid...sometimes the items are salvage and sometimes they are new so be careful...

J Baca

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27 Jul 06 05:25:58 pm
I noticed some of that type of thing too. I haven't bought through them yet, but I've seen those really high shipping rates.

Thanks for the warning. Sorry about your experience though. :(


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