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31 Aug 14 02:55:59 pm
Anyone who know anything about them? I can't find them on salehoo and no reviews about them anywhere.

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31 Aug 14 06:10:48 pm
When i check out companies that i am unsure of i just write scam and the name of the company or address. Example scam

Ps! Norway too

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1 Sep 14 04:09:21 am
Hello Egil,

I was able to run a search about Link hidden: Login to view and here is what we have found:

1. They offer safe payment methods like paypal, and other major credit cards
2. They have their own email domain Link hidden: Login to view
3. They have been online for 10 years now - Creation Date: 2004-07-07T18:24:03Z
4. Located in the US (NY and CA)
5. They posted their address and direct phone number on their website - try to call them so you would know it's genuine.

Basically these are the things that we usually look into to see if the companies/suppliers are good to go. So far, this sounds promising.
But it's also better to search for other opinions such as forums and the like - reviews searches on google would also help.
There are a few reviews on the web but it does not seem that reliable either.

I hope this helps!

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1 Sep 14 08:03:22 am
Hi Egil,

As with Rachel, they have come up pretty clean from my search as well. Best advice, take advantage of the safe payment options they offer in completing a transaction with them.

Steiner's advice is pretty solid as well, you can be surprised what sort of results a Google search like that can bring up. Word of warning though, you always have to bare in mind that bad news travels 1000 times quicker than good news, so it's not unusual to find negatives reports about any business out weighing the positive when you go looking for them. So you have to use your smarts and while you can never ignore any bad feedback outright completely, you do have to keep it in perspective.

Mark (fudjj)

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3 Sep 14 04:51:31 pm
I will watch for all those "red flags", thank you for great answers :)


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