New Business Opportunity.

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28 Oct 09 10:33:23 pm
I would like to offer another opportunity for everyone here on Salehoo.
As some of you know, I own a website called "Link hidden: Login to view . I offered this up to everyone back in March if I remember correctly and have several members making money. It requires zero monies to start and one can start selling tomorrow with that one.

Now my new one is something a little different. I started with this company about ten years ago and they have just gone internet big time and offered all of us long standing dealers an opportunity to bring in more resellers.

I answered an ad about ten years ago in the USA today. Back in the day they ran every Friday a huge bus opp section. I think they still have it but its not as big as it once was. After wading through all the Multi marketing scams I came across a little ad. I took a chance and paid the 20$ for the info kit. Ever since then I have made great money.

We sell address signs like the ones below and just reached a million sold this year. I have personally sold over 10,000 of these as a part time income to fill in when other business was slow; maybe selling a couple months out of the year sometimes less as I had other job responsibilities.

The website is "Link hidden: Login to view .

The signs above retail for 40+ and its not an inflated price. I have never sold a sign for less than 40$. As a reseller, you get them for 11 or 12$ before shipping. This is exactly what I pay for them!

I make it a point to never offer an opportunity where I make money off you. My money is made on the backend from the supplier.

Mr. Ashley who owns this company created a unique marketing method. Believe it or not I have sold 99% of the signs from flyers I distributed in neighborhoods.

I suggest you go to the website and read through everything. The lady you see on the video is Tina who I have known for a long time and is a great lady.
The man you see on some of the other videos is the owner David Ashley. I have spoken to him a coupe of times over the years and is a good guy.

You may have seen these signs around in your neighborhood. If you have seen them in Boston, Hartford, Winston Salem, NC, Brunswick, NJ and Jersey City NJ then it was probably one I sold.

The cost to start this business is pretty low. You will need about 40$ for 1000 flyers from Staples. You can then start flyering and when you get some sales, you will need to pay 20$ to sign up at my website and order signs at wholesale.

You will see my name and email at the top of the webpage. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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26 Nov 09 12:17:32 pm
sounds pretty reasonable....for those living and doing business in US. Would be too expensive to ship for those of us located downunder.

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