Nigerian Scam Artist at it again!

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1 Aug 06 01:06:33 pm
My frustration recently.
I had about 10 items listed on and 100%
of all winning bidders turned out to be people wanting
to send me money by western union and ship the item
to Neigeria. My email was flooded with, 'You have
money waiting from paypal....all of them were
spoof email. The emails they send are really good, but
guess what, none were from Paypal...

They even wanted to send double the amount, what
a joke....So be careful


J Baca

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2 Aug 06 01:09:14 am
Hi there, Thanks for the heads up! Great to have people trying to help out, Keep it up.

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2 Aug 06 03:22:32 am
shit......what idiots. Seriously, we should enforce tighter security on the net. But it's so hard cause it's worldwide.

I got scammed once too. But was lucky that I choose paypal and got my money back.

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6 Aug 06 11:44:37 pm
I just had that happen to me with an eBay auction. I just laughed at the guy in my response back to him.

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13 Aug 06 07:23:27 pm
I agree that increased security should be a global issue. Than again who would police it. I hate scammers and they are really egtting annoying these days for buyers and sellers.


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