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31 Jan 15 04:08:29 am
Ive sent the below store a email asking some (well a fair few) questions the owner did get back to me saying he has some urgent matters to deal with and will respond with a responce.. its been 6 days how long should i be waiting on a responce?

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Questions i asked are as below (borrowed some questions from another post)

With your jewelry items I have the below questions:

a. Is all jewelry items nickel free? If not please inform which pieces contain nickel.
b. If all jewelry pieces are nickel free are they either alloy plated (i.e. Gold, silver, sterling silver, etc.) or sterling silver or some use other form of coating or metal?

I also have questions in regards to your dropshipping service offered

1. Will you charge us any extra fees, open or hidden charges, direct or indirect charges, etc. apart from the item selling price in order to ship the item direct to our customers with our label?

2. After opening an account with you, how long do we have to wait before starting to sell?

3. Do you have handling or packaging fees?

4. Maximum how long would we have to wait for a reply when emailing your customer support?

5. Will we receive a quicker response by phone or by email?

6. How much do we need to spend to get a discount on each item?

8. What is your minimum and maximum quantity order?

9. What are your warranty policies?

10. What are your guarantee policies?

11. What are your shipping policies?

12. Who pays import and export tax (Customs & Excise)?

a. What are your refund policies?
b. Do you charge any refund fees?
c. Do you charge for charge-backs or failed credit card charges?

14. What are your return policies? Do you charge any return fees?

15. Who pays shipping for replacement deliveries?

16. Who pays shipping for returns where no replacements would be made, us or you?

a. How long do we have to wait before you give a refund when a refund request is made?
b. Do you wait for the item be returned to you before giving a refund or do you give the refund immediately when requested?
c. If you refund only after the item has been returned to you, then how long do we have to wait for the refund to be issued after the item has been returned to you?

19. When did you start trading and when did you start dropshipping?

a. How often do you update your stock levels on your website?
b. When you're short on stock and we make you an order, maximum how long would we have to wait for you to restock and dispatch it to our customers?
c. If you're low on stock do you notify us or do we need to ask you?

21. Are you willing to include receipts when shipping the items with our brand names and addresses on the receipts?
If so, is there any extra charge for this?

22. When a customer complains against an order because the item didn't arrive or was found broken after opening the packaging, maximum how long does it take you to investigate and solve the problem?

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31 Jan 15 06:42:43 am
Hi Nat,

Leave that with me and I'll get Shane to follow that up with the supplier for you when the office reopens on Monday next week.


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2 Feb 15 04:56:41 am
Hi Nat,

Sorry to hear that you haven't had a response from LKN NET (HK). May I ask for your email address so I can forward it to the supplier in question? This way when I give them a call, I can leave your contact info with them.

Also, seeing as you have several questions about their policy, terms & conditions, etc, I would suggest sending them another email with your phone number and availability so they can give you a call. This would ensure a prompter response from them. :)

Talk soon!


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