Paypal fraud - warning!

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23 Mar 08 06:30:30 pm

I recently sold 4 items, 4 Nokia N95's actually, when it came time for the buyer to pay, I recieved an odd letter from Paypal, i was slightly confused but thought hey why not. The email said, That i need to provide a shippment tracking order before the monies will be cleared into my paypal account. I thought thats fine, but 'Paypal' gave me 24hrs to do so.

Now i sent a msg back saying its the Easter long weekend and there is no way i could get this for them. I recieved a msg then saying that they implore me to get it before Tuesday morning and the monies will be cleared the moment that has happened.

Now, I thought this was abit odd. So i re-read the msg. It was filled with spelling mistakes and the sentence structure looked like it was written by a 12 yr old. I have reported this to Paypal and i will re post here once i figure this out. I just wanted to warn you all about it, do not believe anything sent by: Service@PayPal .Com - Even thou it is rather convincing lol


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23 Mar 08 07:35:45 pm
Do not ever and I mean ever reply to emails from paypal . Log into your account if there are any problems you will find them in your account when you login.

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23 Mar 08 09:01:22 pm
These emails from PayPal and eBay look like the real deal and like you say they are very convincing. Take Jimmy's advice on this one. Never reply to a PayPal or eBay email and never click on any links contained inside them. PayPal and eBay both have message systems that you can login and access directly from your account. There are thousands of these scams going around!

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23 Mar 08 10:55:54 pm
You should probably change your password immediately if you tried to login from a link in that email. That link would have recorded your login details for the scammer. Hopefully they did not get that info and you still have your money in that account.

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24 Mar 08 12:12:24 am
another way to tell if it is a scam, have a look who the message is address to you will find it says to the paypal account holder or message from ebay. then you will know it is a scam. Ebay and paypal will send you a message and address you by your name you registered with. If you don't see your name at the beginning than it is a scam. DELETE IT IMEDIATELY DO NOT OPEN.
hope this bit of info helps everyone.

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24 Mar 08 03:58:20 am
I got one of these when I was selling something for my 2nd ever ebay transaction. I almost fell for it when I didn't know what I was doing but thankfully I noticed the same bad english you did and checked my paypal account and sure enough there wasn't any deposits. Anyway..just report the email to paypal, and file a non paying bidder form when you can and report the details to Ebay about the scammer. If you logged into paypal from a link they sent you IMMEDIATELY change your password.


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