People from Nigeria scamming again

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25 Jul 06 12:34:44 pm
ok i know how we always talk about not selling to people from nigeria...last night im watching the news and BAM! they are even running their scam on dating services. Yes dating services.

These poor women are looking for love.....and they get scammed.

They posted pics of men who model in Hawaii onto a dating service here in the states. They get the women to fall for them, tell them they need 400.00 to get a plane ticket, they do the ill send you travelers checks you take the 400.00 you lent me and send me the rest of the cash...come to find out the checks are fake!

Ugh whats wrong with people today. I felt bad for those ladies too...the dating service was suspose to be 'safe'

So out for those nigerians!! and all the other peole who have no backbones! :evil: :twisted:

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31 Jul 06 10:49:41 pm
Yeah, tell me about it man....I received at least a couple of email asking to transfer funds of some sort. It's kind of irritating.

If anyone of you wants an example of the email, let me know. I'll post it here.

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1 Aug 06 12:55:27 am
i'd like to see one thanks

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1 Aug 06 02:39:20 am
woops...that was my post...i was not signed in.

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1 Aug 06 03:45:46 am
no problem. I'll probably post one within these few days. Maybe I should even start communicating with them and post it here to keep you guys entertain. LOL those nigerian idiots.

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1 Aug 06 11:43:08 pm
ok...this is not exactly a nigerian scam. It's a lottery scam. Will be posting a nigerian scam soon!

Hmm.....if anyone wants entertainment, let me know. I'll contact them and you'll see how the story goes.


We are pleased to announce you as one of the 100 lucky
winners in the
SKY-LOTTERY draw held on the 20th of JULY 2006
All 100 winning addresses were randomly selected from
a batch of
50,000,000 international emails. Your email address
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Consequently, you have therefore been approved for a
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In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications
please remember
To quote your reference number and batch numbers in all your

1,Email ticket number: ticket # 88171/29281/57363
2,BATCH: # 742-109-527-UK43
3,the file Ref #: 920/210/4509
4,lucky # 4-9-15-25-30-40-42
5,lotto code #: FL09622/UK

Please contact the under listed claims officer as soon
as possible
For the immediate release of your winnings:

Mr. Bryan Goldstein
Chief financial Director
Email: Link hidden: Login to view
Tel: +44- 7031897935
Fax: +44-7884626188

For processing and remittance of your cash to a
designated account of
Your choice. Remember, all winnings must be claim not
later than one month
As from today.
After this date, All unclaimed funds will be returned
to the
International Lotto, you should contact
Mr. Bryan Goldstein about the claimant procedures, send
Fax and telephone to Mr. Bryan Goldstein, this will
enable his office to send
Claims application form (A4) to you the Beneficiary.
Please note, in order to avoid unnecessary delays and
Please remember to quote your reference number and
batch numbers all
Further more, should there be any change of address do
Mr. Bryan Goldstein as soon as possible.
Mr. Bryan Goldstein is responsible for the processing of
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Congratulations once again, from all members of staff
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Once again on behalf of all our staff, reply to
((Link hidden: Login to view))


Promotions Manager
The Lotto Company


Copyright 1994-2006 The United Kingdom Sky Email
Lottery Inc.
All rights reserved. Terms of Service - Guidelines

Congratulations! You have won

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2 Aug 06 04:23:18 pm
oh great more junk.....i got one from a dead lady the other day that she left me alot of money in someother country...i should of wrote her back! A friggin dead person!! lol


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