Ppwdg.com & its forum no longer online

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11 Jun 09 07:05:43 pm
Looks like Jimmy has removed ppwdg and his forum from the internet !!! Or was it the guy he has running his ebay store while he is at his sick wife's bedside at the hospital ?? None the less, He's Off The Internet !!! Hey, Check this out !!!
Here's the email I received when my Debit Card company took my money back from Jimmy.

Hi David Donaldson. Sorry for the delay in our response. I am the only one that has access to jims Merchant account while he is staying at the hospital with his wife in another state. I just credit your account manually for you.

9927605 APPROVED: $875.00 credited.

P.S. Jimmy didn't refund the money. My debit card company took it back for me !!!

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11 Jun 09 08:16:03 pm
Thank god the site is down and no one else is going to walk head first into that mess!

Love the message, maybe you should write back and explain what a charge back is, but it was nice of, whoever the hell it is, to take the credit for doing it........as delayed as it was lol

Mark (fudjj)

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11 Jun 09 11:33:54 pm
So the story is now that Stephanie is ill? Not a friend.

Stephanie seemed fine posting some 'negative' comments towards her customers.

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14 Jun 09 12:51:37 am
People need to flood the Attorney General with the fraud papers. Go to Link hidden: Login to view fill out and mail the forms. We need to flood the AG office with paper work to get something going to get our money back from ppwdg.

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17 Jun 09 04:13:58 am
Well, if Jimmy has had the time to take down his website and forum, why has he not had the time to email his customers? I just don't buy it that his wife is in hospital in another state.

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