Prada Wallets - Can Someone look at these? Are they fakes?

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24 Mar 07 09:09:32 pm
I have some pictures of some Prada wallets that my brother bought and im not sure if they are real. Can someone look at these and let me know what they think?

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25 Mar 07 07:43:24 am
Looks legit to me. But im no professional in detecting fakes.
Try viewing this page I left in my guide post. It should help you determin if your products is legit.

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However I cannot see your picture clearly but read this quote..

All Prada handbags and wallets are made in Italy. This will either be embossed directly on the leather interior in a visible location, or printed on the interior plaque under the Prada name. Interior plaques on older Prada bags are almost square with 'Prada Milano Made in Italy' on 3 separate lines while newer models are on smaller, more rectangular plates with 'Prada Made In Italy' on two lines. Newer high-end models may have the 'Prada Made in Italy' either embossed on a leather patch that is stitched to the interior.

Also you may want to review this quote:

Cotton dustcovers (either in white with navy Prada logo or navy with gold older style Prada logo or newer style light blue Prada name), authenticity cards and care instruction booklets are supplied with each Prada bag. The Prada Sport line provides a grey vinyl dustcover with a red stripe and the Prada name in white. These are also commonly faked to make you believe that the item being sold is real. Most wallets come with a navy blue/violet gift box.

Information on Prada authenticity cards include: Model, Group Name, Material and Colour. Authenticity cards do not generally 'hang' from straps unless they are purchased directly from Italy, and they are enclosed in little plastic sleeves.

A stamped authenticity card will provide a person with a guarantee against manufacturing defects, however Prada items can be purchased from Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue without this stamp and can be returned at those retailers (with proof of purchase) for repairs. If the card is stamped from a Prada boutique, it can be brought into any store worldwide for repair or refurbishment.

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