Problem with a DHGate seller

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19 Mar 07 10:37:08 pm
I ordered a cell phone from a seller off of DHGate. I had to request a tracking number from them. Once I received the tracking number, it did not work, so a few days later I received a message saying 'oh, I think this one is correct'. My customer whom I sold the sell phone to contacts me two weeks later and says he never received the phone. I tried the tracking number and it says it shipped to Boston and even has the name of the person signing it. Problem is, this was to be shipped to Texas. I contacted the seller and all they can say is that they shipped it and they will lose money if they send another. I had to leave them negative feedback just to get them to respond to my emails. Now the customer thinks I am scamming them and want their $450 back or the cell phone. What can I do?? Am I, as a buyer off of DHGate protected against the seller in this case?

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3 Apr 07 05:00:34 pm
To be honest, you were looking for it...

DHGate is like a directory of Chinese suppliers, they have cart features but they have little control on sellers.

Then you dropship directly from China, from a seller you know nothing about.

You had strictly no control on the fulfillment chain, you can't wonder why it failed.

The only thing you can do is to refund your customer and rethink your business model.

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12 Apr 07 05:12:25 am
What payment method did you use?

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12 Apr 07 05:23:57 am
Well first thing you can do is file a chargeback if you used a credit card. If you paid with paypal then file a dispute with them.

But first things first, take care of your buyer immediately. Even if it hurts. A disgruntled buyer can get your ebay account suspended and paypal will close your account, if you do not remedy your buyer first.

If you used western union or transfer you're screwed. Just take the loss as a lesson learned.

One big hint. Never dropship high dollar items. It will bite you in the end every time something goes wrong.

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